Ropes centre

The rope centre is for everybody who likes fun, adventure, adrenaline and unforgettable experiences.

Our rope centre is a unique adrenaline stunt, the climbing starts with going down to the cross-road of our large rope centre where you can choose from two routes. One is more difficult and one easier for the beginners.

The centre consists of various hurdles which you have to overcome. In between the trees there are several bridges, climbing frames, rope barriers, crossings, swayings, nets, banks and other surprises and challenges waiting for you. You will find platforms between the hurdles where you can draw in breath or think over how you can master the next "trap".

The rope centre is directly in the forest in the trees, located in the height from 4 to 12 metres. Of course in the beginning you will be appropriately trained by our instruktor how to master the rope centre in a safe way and scot-free. You will get climbing equipment which will provide your security.

Try our newly open rope centre on the top of the Ore Mountains – Plešivec.

Hurdles in the height from 4 to 12 m
More difficult route: 12 hurdles / 45 minutes + 50m of rope downhill ride
The most difficult route: 10 hurdles / 45 minutes + 50m of rope downhill ride

  • 1 person / 1 route220,- Kč
  • 1 person / 2 routes320,- Kč