Children ropes centre

From the beginning we wanted to create a real rope park for children, as similar as possible to the adult rope centre for parents. We did not want any children playground. No "jungle gyms". That is the reason you will not see any safety nets below individual hurdles.

Indeed, the safety of children was the most important for us. That is why we built as one of the first in the Czech Republic, a children rope centre with continuous control. The continuous safety is considered the safest in the world of rope centres and also the most expensive safety of participants. The crossings of horizontal belaying rope are above the platforms designed in such a way that specially designed pulley gets over without a must to remove it before the crossing point. In practice we put on the pulley (so called rider) only at the beginning of the route and the children go through all the rope line without taking off the belaying rope. This way they can pass all the hurdles of the rope centre and also the crossings. The only point where you can take down the pulley is at the end of the journey.

11 different hurdles
1m to 3m above the ground
security throughout the overcoming of all hurdles
do not forget your camera

  • 1 child165,- Kč unlimited - all day