The Ore Mountains used to be much less accessible in the past than they are today. The deep forests were cut through by rocky gorges and ravines, bogs and swamps, as well as by rocky fields where the farmers and their families struggled for each potato or grain of wheat. The Ore Mountains region has gained a real soul through this co-existence of man with the beautiful wild nature, and it started breathing by stories and tales, both true and made up.

We have prepared a “mythical trail” reflecting the rich spiritual lives of people who were inspired by the local region and the people’s fates, they employed their fantasy and enriched not only the children’s fairy tales world. We believe that you will enjoy this trail and that it will breathe its magic and a bit of the Ore Mountain’s history at you. We collected these stories from the local old residents and other lovers of old tales.

If you know a story (personally or maybe your grandpa or grandma), please send it to us to and we will publish it either by the individual sculptures or on our website.