Free fall - power fan

When you climb up to the height of 16 metres and look down when you are ready to jump, you realize there is a companion in your head. Or better to say a friend who really loves you. The friend is your brain and it will persuade you in every possible way: Do not jump….you silly fool…you will get hurt……It is up to you to explain who is the lord of your body and who has the last word :-) Take your time, from such a height you will have an amazing view of the Ore Mountains.

Yes, of course, there is nothing to be afraid of. The whole mechanism which provides the safety is ingenious and certificated for this kind of entertainment. It is a tiny machine producing adrenaline. It enables you to get down to the ground in clover and when you dare to step into the emptiness below you, you will feel how it puts you back till you stand on solid ground. This information will be very useful for you up there :-)

Minimum age: 6 years
min./max. weight: 20kg / 120kg

  • 1 jump120,- Kč
  • 5 jumps500,- Kč