Giant swing

A unique experience and 100% adrenaline! The giant swing is not a candy. When we pull you up to the height of 16 metres, believe that your last worry will be that you have a nice view of the centre and the Ore mountains. In the minute we let you go down and you start taking on the speed, at least in your mind you will be screaming: mummyyyyyy :-)

When passing near the ground you can expect a tolerable overloading and then, as a reward you have mastered the jump, the giant swing will take you up to the sky and for a while you can feel the incredible "weightlessness".

The best thing about our giant swing is that you can enjoy the jump in a couple and share this unconventional and adrenaline experience which is not easy to find anywhere else in the Czech Republic.

Minimum height of every daredevil -130cm!
Possibility to swing in a couple.

  • 1 jump (1 person)220,- Kč
  • 5 jumps (1 person)900,- Kč
  • 1 jump (2 persons)320,- Kč
  • 5 jumps (2 persons)1400,- Kč